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Thursday 15 November 2012

A walk on the beach...

On sunny days like today a walk on the beach is a MUST! Calm sunny days are too precious to miss any time but especially in Autumn or Winter.  These views may get a bit repetitive....this is my favourite walk. But hopefully you get to join me on it in all the seasons.

Of course on any walk the hens must come along too.... for a short while anyway

And Button. I love it when the sun is low.... it's the only time of year I can pretend I'm BIG by looking at my shadow!

The tide was coming in. I loved hearing it passing along the old stone pier at Sandside

The burned out boat is full of water now. Button has to inspect....

The other wee boat is still floating...

And the Hamnavoe Ferry sails off "south" to Mainland Scotland

Back on land the power of the sea continues to erode. This old croft house edges closer to the shore after each storm. The old wall near it fell onto the shore years ago, even before I moved here.

The old farm buildings stand out stark against the blue sky

I love how the low sun picks out the contours of the land from the Hoy Hills to the dips in the fields

Meanwhile, the old cockerel waits at the door for me to return.....

Hope you enjoyed the walk!


  1. So beautiful. I'd never get tired of seeing the beauty that surrounds you.

  2. What a gorgeous walk, hens, cat and all. Did the old cockeral just not come?

    Gorgeous looking beaches. I must walk the coastline there - is that doable? As part of my bag the beaches of orkney nonsense!

  3. Just gorgeous, Sian. You absolutely MUST take me on that walk on my next visit. :-) Your new camera is doing you proud with your photos, you know.

  4. I love the scenery where you live. You're walking are never boring. I like the cockerel waiting at the door. I picture you both going inside to sit on the couch and having a cuppa together. ;-)

  5. yes , nice to walk in your steps by a sunny day :)

  6. Lovely walk! Went on one walk round a small bit of East Yorkshire with brilliant sunshine and remnants of frost this morning, then enjoyed joining your walk this afternoon!

  7. Beautiful. I love the way the chooks come with you and the cockerel waits for you by the door!