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Thursday, 1 November 2012

Graemsay does Halloween!

It's that time of year again when witches and werewolves, vampire cats, ghosts and skeletons are about. Yes it's the Graemsay Halloween party!  A few of us decorated the hall yesterday afternoon, everyone brought some food along, dressed up in their "finery" - yes, including adults of course! and came along and had a good time! As you can see there was Cake! (A scary pumpkin cake made by Sandra). Some of the kids had helped make the pumpkin lanterns too.

There were scary ghost pirates

Vampire cats

Very scary zombie monsters (look at his eyes!)

A monster needs a bit of help with his make-up from a wise witch

Ah - that's better!

And there were little princesses too

Wise witches giving advice to novices....

There were games organised by the Head Witch (Irene of Breckan), like this traditional game of apple bobbing (the vampire cat shows how it's done - those extra long teeth help!)

A donut eating competition

A "how fast can you wrap a mummy" competition

A few games to try and keep the wee monsters out of mischief (they failed!)

And once the children (some bigger than others!) had done their party pieces there were sweeties all round.

And everyone could tuck into supper of savouries and cakes with lurid icing on. Yum!

Then full of sugar and sweeties the wee monsters went home to bed!


  1. And Graemsay obviously does Halloween very well, Sian. :-) It looks like the most wonderful time as had by absolutely everyone.

    1. Oh yes - we know how to party ;-) One of the things I love about this community is EVERYONE who comes along will join in wholeheartedly with everything. Halloween and the Christmas Party are my two most favourite island events :-)

  2. fun fun fun ;) which costume did you choose ? :)

    1. I went as a black cat, of course - wearing "those" red shoes :-)