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Monday 11 February 2013

After the storm....

Finally, after days of wind and rain and a busy few days with visitors, I managed to get to the beach to see what the waves had done to the shore.

First I walked past my neighbour's "allotment" outside my garden wall - this sand was blown there by the storm force winds!

The land around the top of the old stone pier has been gouged out by the waves too

Button was in search of her pea-green-rimmed boat.....

Sadly it had been smashed to bits.  Don't worry - it wasn't sea-worthy anyway!! Well it certainly isn't now!

Bits of it are scattered along the shore....

The old burned hull was still there though!

Sunday was a particularly low tide and it was possible to walk right along the channel cleared by storm tides. I felt I might even be able to walk right over to Stromness!

I've not usually walked this far out before!

Meanwhile Button wanted to get on with hunting...

So we set off along the beach....

You can see where the seaweed is in a tide line above... (Button must be hunting mice!).

Here you can see the coastal erosion is worsening! This old ruin is definitely teetering on the edge!

Meanwhile the sea is flat calm for a change. Oh for it to stay that way for a wee while. I might believe Spring is on the way then...


  1. thanks for the lovely walk. Such a pity about that marvellous old house.

    Sad too about the green boat.

    I marvel that Button walks with you so far.

    1. The beach is only about 50 yards from the house so firmly part of Button's "territory"! Though I always thought cats hated water - she gets alarmingly close!!

  2. I hope the calm has lasted for you, Sian. What the storm has done is rather frightening. Here we have snow yet again, but no wind and the sky is a perpetual leaden grey. No sun or blue skies here recently. Sigh.....

    1. We had more "weather" on Wednesday but today it feels like SPRING is here (or perhaps I should whisper that?). Hope some sunshine wends it way to your part of the world too!

  3. What a wonderful "after the storm" post. The wonderful calmness and brightness, and the signs of past turmoil.

    I think we have all felt the same, sometimes :)

    1. Welcome Jenny! Thanks for commenting!

      And I absolutely agree. Sometimes my mood reflects the weather and the weather reflects my mood :-)

  4. Thank you for the lovely virtual walk! The photos were gorgeous, as ever. I do have to admit I wondered if you found any sea glass or shipwreck pottery..... (?!?!?!?)

    1. Hi Paige. Thanks for the timely reminder. I know I promised you some pix and stories of shipwreck pottery and sea glass.... it's on my To Do List I promise :-)