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Saturday 16 February 2013

Maybe .... it's Spring???!

Shhhh .... perhaps we should whisper that??  But today it was mild, the sun shone (between the showers), the birds were singing (starlings and oystercatchers), and the trees are getting buds and the bulbs pushing up through the ground.....

So of course Button insisted we took a walk on the beach. I'm not exaggerating ..she stands at the door and meows and won't go out, then I put my boots and coat on and she's at the door meowing and trots out waiting for me to follow.  Sometimes I think she's a dog!! (oooh she'll get me for that comment!).

We started out heading for the sandy beach, but the dunes got a lot of damage from the storm tide and I decided it wasn't safe to try and scramble down the shifting sand. Button, of course scampered down calling for me to follow. Oh were I as nimble as a cat!  Lots of tangles on the shore (Orkney word for Kelp seaweed).

So we retreated and went back to our favourite walk on the shell beach. Um... I thought cats weren't supposed to LIKE water??

Lots of shells still on the beach

And I love watching the seaweed gently swaying as the waves lap the shore. How did this survive the storm?? So delicate but so strong....

I love watching and listening to the waves.... (hmmm speck of dust on the lens there...)

And then walking back, we saw some daffodils struggling up among a pile of sand blown by the gales. They might think they are somewhere tropical!  Well once they stick their heads up a bit further the weather will disabuse them of THAT!

But in the shelter of the dyke (wall) and the shrubs, these daffodils are fairly coming on....

Meanwhile the chooks have come to greet us and ask for news ....of course!


  1. lovely greetings to Orkney .. where the gulf streams seems to shows its action .. it ssems warmer around you .. hamburg says moin moin

    1. And very belated greetings to you! Yes thank goodness for the gulf stream!

  2. Gosh, your daffodils are further along than ours, Sian! They look like they could be showing yellow by Saint David's Day, especially if your beautiful blue skies continue. It's brighter here, but still largely cloudy.....

    1. No daffs on St David's Day - well apart from the dwarf ones. I think the sudden cold snap made them decide to hang on for a bit!

  3. I weep. There you are, up on a latitudinal par with Hudson Bay and your daffys are coming up. We won't be seeing ours for a loooong time.

    What me -- bitter ?!

    1. Um.... hangs head in shame....sorry to make you cry.....