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Wednesday 5 June 2013

A Sunset Interlude...

Sorry, not much time for blogging at the moment so sharing some photos of a lovely sunset last week. I actually managed to walk down to the shore for some of this one!!

Button lives life on the edge....sigh.... what you don't see is when she hangs over the edge of the pier trying to see if she can get to the starling nests below in the stone.  With me trying to firmly and calmly talk her away from the edge!!

Sandside Bay looking glorious in the late sunshine...

And the sun lighting up the shell sand and and reflecting on the still water...

Silhouetting the buildings and trees

Before finally dropping below the horizon behind Black Craig.


  1. Absolutely beautiful! Button is a brave kitty.

  2. I just LOVE your sunset-over-the-sea photos, Sian. Hope things quieten down soon.

  3. Lovely walk. Thanks, I needed that.

  4. beautiful serie ... good night :)

  5. Very beautiful. Thank you for your comment about my garden on my blog. I too struggle with patience!