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Monday 17 June 2013

Holiday time!

OK I confess - I've been on holiday!  Well actually I've been home a few days now but work and life in general gave me little time for blogging.  Hectic schedule continues for a while but I have a few moments to pop in here and say HI!  I'll post more photos of my trip to the West Coast of Scotland, shortly.  For now you will have to make do with these.....

And again.....Yes - Sunshine!! Gorse in flower (ahhh lovely coconut smell).

In other news - I got a smart-phone.... for all of 2 days. I hated it. Don't get me wrong, I like the idea, I even have an iPod touch which I *adore*.  But this smart phone (a Nokia windows variety) kept wanting to make my decisions for me - how cheeky is that??!  My "old" phone does connect to the internet but it's pre-smart-phone-days so quite basic. I can make phone calls and send texts. That's what I need it for. But it's been causing problems so I thought I should join the age of "smart-phone" and my service provider gave me a very good deal. Pah!

Aforementioned smart-phone is now boxed up to be returned.  The chap I spoke to on the Help Line was trying to encourage me to persevere and said all mobile (cell) phones will be smart phones soon.  He also said they are *designed* to make decisions for me. I then had a mini-rant about women fighting for the vote and independence and I wasn't going to let a bit of plastic and a circuit board make MY decisions! kept telling me stuff I didn't want to know.... as one radio presenter said this weekend, on the same subject, who cares what the weather is like in Peru. Well unless you live in Peru of course, which I don't. Nor am I planning a visit..... and I only used it for less than one day and had to recharge it! Hallo! Trying to economise on energy bills... not helpful.....sigh.

So I shall bumble along with my "dumb-phone" for a while longer......  though I have to admit to being somewhat addicted to "online" stuff - here's the woman who walked a 1/4 of a mile from her holiday cottage where there was no mobile signal or wi-fi just to get a weak mobile signal!  And the joy of finding an oasis of free wi-fi and Cake...... not very sociable but......

Anyway..... more on wonderful holiday in Achnahaird soon...


  1. The Island looks like a beautiful place, very inspirational. I did not make it to any of the smaller Islands on my last trip to Scotland. I enjoy the blog. Thank you.

  2. Hi Mark, thanks for dropping by and taking time to comment. Maybe one day you will return to Scotland and discover the delights of the many Scottish isles?

  3. I have an old clunker of a cell phone and use it very little. I get really bugged watching people who are having dinner together, all looking at their screens. They're probably texting each other ! lol

  4. I am LONGING for the West Coast, so your photos are balm to my city eyes!

    I am with you on the smart phone. I was given an iPad at work recently and I'm about to give it back - very nice for stroking and all sorts of things that are not work-related eg camera, Facetime, but hopeless for actually doing any work/taking notes fast.

  5. Stunning photos, Sian: I look forward to more when you have time.

    I loved your smart phone saga! Especially the bit about votes for women. Too right! Never trust anything to make decisions for you if you don't know where it keeps its brain, to paraphrase JK Rowling. And don't be ashamed of going in search of 'an oasis of free wi-fi and cake': sounds like heaven to me! :)

  6. Ooo, I LOVE your panoramic photos, Sian! How gorgeous. More please..... :-)

    I could have written your rant about modern predictive technology myself. I really hate the way Google tries to double-guess what I'm searching for and am still quite happily using my old clam-shell mobile which isn't smart at all. You tell 'em!