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Sunday, 27 April 2014

Bag the bruck!

Every year community groups around Orkney get together to clean up all the beaches around the islands. This event happens in Spring and is called "Bag the Bruck" - bruck being - er - rubbish.  So over the last couple of weeks various folk have been cleaning beaches and collecting "bruck" in bags to be shipped off Graemsay to the Mainland.  As you can see above quite a good bit was collected and this is only part of it!

Here's some more!!

Irene from Breckan and I did our bit too. Neither of us are fit enough to scramble around rocky inaccessible shoreline, so we did the beaches at Sandside, collecting old plastic, bits of rope, and other bruck. It was a glorious sunny warm day and was lovely to be out.  There wasn't a huge amount to collect from the beaches as most folk when out walking will collect anything they find and take home.

And in case you think we are an untidy lot on Graemsay - all the bruck is washed ashore by the tide, mostly during winter storms!

It may only be a small bag but we did our bit and are proud of that!


  1. Every little bit picked up counts to keep the island tidy. I love that word 'bruck' very close to muck?! Though I am sure it will have quite a different origin.

  2. Well done. Every little helps. I don't often comment but I do love reading your posts. Karen x

  3. What a fabulous community effort!

  4. I hate the thought of all that rubbish cluttering up the oceans and being washed ashore, so well done for clearing it up like this, Sian. I think the same when I see the discarded cans and food wrappers that grace our motorway verges. The human race needs to clean up its act!

  5. Good for you. It's sad that it ends up in our oceans and blown onto your shore ...