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Friday, 25 April 2014

Changing weather....

The weather can certainly be  described as "changeable" lately. The last few days we've had thick fog... I find that the most depressing. It feels like the sky is pressing down on my head. Today it's cleared a little but now we have "low cloud". The Hoy hills have  disappeared from view! Bah!! Go away misty days!!

And then we get windy days where the white horses ride the waves..... NOT a day to be out and about. Has me wondering how many lambs I can pack into the conservatory..... Button says NONE!

And then there are the gloriously sunny days where the warm sun reminds me that the season is turning..... Fancy a swim anyone?

No thanks, says Button....

And then there is the most beautiful sunset. The sun tracking across the sky, a little further every day.  Sigh - on days like that it's easy to answer "So, why did you move to Graemsay?"....... more of that in a few days time....coming up to my 14th anniversary on the island.... FOURTEEN??? how did THAT happen so quickly?


  1. Gorgeous photos, Sian, even the cloudy one. we were lucky enough to hang on to the good weather for longer than you. It only really broke with heavy rain yesterday afternoon - my birthday, of course. :-) Today is very grey......

    1. Ohh envy envy.... we STILL have fog....bored now! And belated Happy Birthday! Hope you got to celebrate in style :-)

  2. Love that last photo! The weather has been "changeable" here in Greenock too!

  3. We are having a crappy, chilly, wet spring here in Nova Scotia after an obscenely long and bitter winter. 'nuff said !