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Friday, 1 May 2015

Spring Sunset.....again!

Thanks for all the lovely comments on recent posts. I'll try and reply to those this weekend.  I've had a friend staying for a few days this week and we've been out exploring the Orkney Mainland. So I'll share some of our adventures with you over the next few posts.

But for tonight - it's a sunset from just over a week ago when it was warm and we thought Summer was on the way. Till this week and we had snow...pah! But today it's been sunny and a little warmer so maybe..... anyway back to last week.....

The photo above is from the "back door! Actually even in a week the sun has moved further over to the West (right in the photo) and sets further in the sea. Sunset is about 9.15pm today.

This one is looking over to Stromness and the West Mainland.

And a close up of the final sunset...

Button loves the warmer weather and had been out hunting earlier.  I always get a bit of a thrill when she sees me and comes running towards me. Awww...  Though she is easily distracted!

But remembers there may be supper waiting...

and eventually climbs through the fence.....

Earlier in the day the hens had also been enjoying the sunshine .....

And Big Ginger was out with the girls.

And the bay looking calm.....and the daffs (daffodils) still in bloom.

And Blue Sky!

And for fans of Button, you might enjoy this short video of her enjoying the sun and sand!

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