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Sunday 10 May 2015

Sunset interlude

A slight intermission in our tour of Orkney!  Just busy with work at the moment. However there are some lovely sunsets at the moment so here are some photos of one earlier this week. Click on a picture to see a larger version!

I love the sun warming up the sandstone on the end of the house, and lighting up the tower of Hoy High lighthouse.

And on the sandy beach....

Meanwhile back along the shore...

Some of the rocks stretching their fingers out towards the sun... on the right is the old Sandside pier.

And this is on the other side of the pier....

A little ringed plover running about in the evening light.

Tranquility on the coral beach...

Glimpes between the old stone buildings of the steading. The the right the roof of the henny house.

The old buidlings silhouetted against the fading sunset.

And Button has come out to see what all the fuss is about before setting off on a hunt.

And a short video (33 seconds) of the waves on the beach.... (sorry for the wobble!)

And another one on the coral beach - above my heavy breathing (no it's NOT that kind of video!) you can hear a wren singing.

Hope to be back shortly with some more photos of adventures around Orkney Mainland...


  1. The peedie wader looks about the right size for a Ringed Plover, but is definitely not a Little Ringed Plover :o)

  2. Such beauty, you really have captured some lovely pictures.

  3. I never tire of the pictures of your island. They are beautiful.

    1. I'm pleased to hear it - as I tend to post quite a lot :-)

  4. All of your video was awesome...nice edited

  5. Great photos! Thanks for sharing...

  6. Fabulous sunsets, it looks like a wonderful place...