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Saturday, 22 August 2015

Misty morning.....

Where is Stromness?
Monday of this last week was one of the most stunning days this year.  We've not had the best of Summers in Orkney, though the last few weeks have FELT like summer at last, with blue skies, warm air and not too much rain.  But Monday was just perfect.  I was working but took time out to go for a wander around the island too so will share those photos in the next post... meanwhile.... here is our misty Monday morning....

I love when the mist shows up the most beautiful detail in spider webs....

Hoy High lighthouse disappeared too!

Gradually the mist began to lift and I could see Graemsay again....

And Stromness began to appear!

And then the sun came out and the clouds danced!  This one is doing the rhumba.....

Though later in the day Strumness seemed to crawl under a duvet for a while.


  1. I like your image of the clouds doing a rhumba. I like to do a walk about too and take some photos, here along the Pacific Ocean.

    1. I just love the weather near the coast. Ever changing :-)

  2. Strange weather we are having on both sides of the Atlantic.

  3. Certainly is! Though your weather tends to be more extreme...sigh...