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Monday, 3 August 2015


Friday was the last day of July, the weather has been "mixed" at best all summer.  But July ended with a beautiful sunset.

There was thick cloud with heavy showers. The light went from grey to silver, to orange, to magenta....

I was watching the sunset while drinking a cup of tea and sitting in the conservatory.  I was reading a book but this was MUCH more interesting!

The sun is moving back across the sky now as the days start to get shorter...bah!

Sun setting off the end of Warbeth now, instead of much further over behind Black Craig.

The sun set through a stone in the sea glass and stone mobile in the window....

The MV Graemsay was sailing out of Stromness harbour on her last run of the day at 9.40pm

And the sky turned magenta

And reflected in the windows of the conservatory....

Meanwhile the young heifers in the field had a chat.....

The hens were well tucked up for the night and all was calm....


  1. looks so beautiful
    as a matter of fact better than any book

    1. Aww thank you Su! The landscape here is amazing though.

  2. Replies
    1. They are gorgeous aren't they? I love the many coloured sunsets we get here.