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Sunday 27 September 2015

Gardens in Orkney - Part 2

So now we're in Finstown, near the Bay of Firth.  First at the Finstown Community Garden which is always open to the public.  The burn is planted up with perennials and there are trees planted around the park too.

There is also a lovely wee valley with such a wide variety of wonderful plants, many that were new to me.

Just up from the community garden is a wonderful Bluebell Dell, the bluebells had "gone over" but I made a note to go back there in the Spring as they looked beautiful even in decline!

Then to Stenwood, a garden on a North facing slope.  Jock Woods has done a fantastic job of creating a number of different garden "rooms" up the hill.  The photos do not do justice to all his hard work. But this gives you a taster anyway!

The "front" garden

At the back of the house

There be bears in the woods!

THREE bears...we didn't see Goldilocks though

I didn't take so many photos here as I kept stopping to chat to folk I knew!  The garden winds up the hillside through mature trees and shrubs and is just magical!

In the next post we head South to gardens right on the sea shore!


  1. Another beautiful garden, loved the bears what great garden ornaments.

  2. Oh so lovely. At that latitude in Canada you'd be under feet of snow ... climate is fickle on Mother Earth.

  3. Hi Sian,

    I adore your photos of Stenwood Garden. Absolutely beautiful and attractive. I am organising a garden lover's group to Kirkwell. Could I use two of your photos as part of the garden introduction for my group please? Many thanks and I look forward to hearing from you soon. Pls reply:
    James Cao from Renaissance Tours (Sydney Australia)