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Sunday 20 September 2015

Late Summer catch up

As we approach the Autumn equinox here's some photos from earlier in the summer. Sorry been to busy to post them!  Above - taken last weekend, the evening sun on the fields as farmers still try and get some silage in.

But back in August we had some lovely sunny warm days which almost made up for the poor cool wet summer we'd been having till then.  I took a trip out to Birsay, one of my favourite places on the West Mainland of Orkney.  It's one of my favourite places in Orkney.  There's nothing between the land in Orkney and Canada apart from thousands of miles of sea.  I love thinking about all the folk who sailed with the Hudson Bay Company across those waters.

There are lots of wee inlets worn by the sea.  On the Horizon (ooops a bit crooked that horizon!) is the Brough of Birsay.  A tidal island that is an interesting visit in itself.  But high tide today so just a wander along the shore.

This an old fisherman's hut here, used to keep equipment for the boats that would have been pulled up above the tide.

The old nousts are still visible under the turf.....

The boats would have had to be hauled up from the shore by manpower, or maybe a hand operated winch at the top.

I love the big skies......

And then there is this lovely old Whalebone. Thousands of photos must have been taken of this!  It has an interesting history which I've mentioned before. But for those new to this take a look here

And then on the way home a chance to look at the amazing mural on a house wall!  I think it was part of an art project? or maybe an advert??  Anyway it's still there and always a surprise to come upon. It's the townscape of Kirkwall in the middle of the country.

And in the evening a lovely sunset. Though the sun is creeping back to snuggle into the Hoy Hills in winter.

I love the colours of a sunset....

And of course Button enjoyed the sunny day too!

And here she is showing she is, in fact, a white cat wearing a full bat suit....

The days are getting shorter, but for now we will treasure late summer days!


  1. I have a picture of myself at that whalebone 19 years ago. In the pouring rain. This year, we revisited and got so cold and wet on Brough of Birsay that we gave up and went back to the car without looking for it - so I'm glad to know it's still there. We had a mostly glorious week on Orkney - just that day was really wet.
    Anabel's Travel Blog

  2. You live in a very beautiful place. I would love to visit there someday!

  3. Oh how beautiful. I live on an island but in the very south ( Wight ) there àre some lovely spots here but not in the same league - Tam