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Monday, 28 September 2015

Gardens in Orkney - Part 3

Today we're going to Herston in South Ronaldsay to take a look at some gardens that are right on the shore front. The first house has a tiny back garden stuffed with goodies!  Including a wonderful artichoke near a pond.  Hmmm must try artichokes, don't like eating them but I love the structural form of the plants.

This house also had a lovely sculpture for the sweet peas to climb up! Want!

And I loved these dark purple poppies!

And in the front you can see just how close the sea is!

But this would be a wonderful seat on a sunny day (it was grey and drizzling when we went).

And lots of orange poppies....

Then just along the road another colourful front garden.

And yes Palm Trees!  Our climate is mild enough for them to survive and do fairly well, even this far North.

And a surprise along the road, some wee piglets!  I think they are Gloucestershire Old Spot.

And now onto another house with a beautiful garden...

Lots of pots near the front door.  This is quite a good way to grow some of the more "tender" plants that can be put in a greenhouse or more sheltered spot for winter.

Innovative use of a ladder!

Again this house is right on the shore front.  They have had to build some defences against the over-topping of the waves.

A lovely spot though.

And another garden, I was busy talking so didn't get many photos of this one!

Meanwhile the coos didn't think much of all the folk wandering back and forth admiring the gardens!

So that's the end of the garden trail.  Though not quite the end of the story.  A few weeks ago I got a phone call to say I'd won the 1st prize in the Garden Trail Raffle and I got this beautiful necklace!  It's a Sheila Fleet creation and is inspired by the rock pools of Sheila's childhood at Hoxa, not far from these gardens!  I shall be very happy to wear this necklace!


  1. I'm delighted, Sian, this Gardens in Orkney series is fabulous. I didn't imagine such a rich variety. I love gardens. Thank you.

  2. I was quite surprised by the gardens, I was thinking they might be a little windswept, just shows how wrong I can be. A beautiful insight into the Islands.

  3. Not only for my eyes a pleasure to follow you through all these gardens. Thanks a lot, Milady.

  4. What a lovely necklace. BTW can I come live with you ? ;-)

  5. Artichokes are God's way of telling us its OK to eat mayonnaise.

  6. Congratulations on winning a beautiful necklace.