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Thursday 15 October 2015

Another sunset....

Well it's the 15th October and it's still warm, no rain, NO wind.... today was so calm and beautiful. I took a walk along the shore at sunset, which is just after 6pm now.  The tide was very low and not even a ripple of a wave.

I love the reflections on the water, and the stillness in the air.

I could almost walk to Stromness the tide was so far out!  Some smoke is drifting across the harbour in the town....

It cools down quickly in the evening, but is still very mild. I just have the heating on for an hour in the morning so far.

On the way back from our walk we picked up a friend.... Pecky Hen.... Button has a great deal of respect for Pecky Hen and was determined to make haste to get home!  She had been off to the hen house to roost with the others but thought there might be extra food if she followed me.  She's also a Greedy Pecky Hen!  She is the one who flies up onto my arm if I'm carrying a saucepan of scraps.  If I don't put the food down quickly enough she nips me on the hand!  Not exactly my favourite hen, but she IS a character, for sure.  AND a good mother to her chicks.


  1. Pecky Hen sounds like a character.

  2. I haven't put the heating on yet but I have been lighting the stove late afternoon as the temperatures drop rapidly in the evening. Pecky hen certainly is full of fun. Take care.

  3. Beautiful photographs, it looks such a lovely place. Pecky hen- marvellous!

  4. Gorgeous photos as always! And I love your photo of Button and Pecky Hen!