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Friday, 16 October 2015

Shipping livestock.....(post not suitable for vegetarians!)

Discussions at the pierhead
It's a farming community and as part of that livestock has to be shipped on and off the island. Today both were happening, and at the same time as a delegation from the local council came out to discuss potential pier improvements with the community.

The old joke - there's a hole on the pier - a man is looking into it.... More discussions on the pier.  Members of the community explaining how we do things around here....

And putting up the gates for shipping of the cattle....

And seeing how it feels to be in the pen!

Livestock arriving.  Rams bought from the sale at the Orkney Auction Mart yesterday arrive on the island for the various farms and crofts.  Looking good boys!

Then time to get the kye (cattle) on board.  These are young stock from last year that will be sold on to be grazed for the winter.

And into the pens on the boat....

The meeting went well, we all adjourned to the hall to discuss matters.  More information needed and some decisions to make.  But it was good that we were able to share opinions.


  1. I'm a vegetarian but have no problem with animals being farm raised and treated humanely like these creatures are. What I abhor is "factory farming".

  2. So interesting to see this. We raise our cattle humanely. It is good it is so stream-free for them.

  3. Interesting slice of life with the farm animals coming and going.