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Monday, 12 October 2015

Autumnal sunsets.....

The days are getting shorter now.  Sunset is about 6.15 pm compared to nearer midnight in midsummer!  Arrrgh!  Ah well it is what it is.  The sun has moved round now and getting ready to nestle behind the Hoy hills for the winter.  There were some gentle sunsets this last week and here are a few photos from them....

The sun now dips below the horizon just over the croft of Ramray

And like many folk in the highland and islands and other rural areas, the approach of Winter means the time to stock up on supplies.  The straw was for a neighbouring farmer, but the pallet of goodies was for me - pellets for the hens and tins of cat food for Charlie in the Barn.  I already have the freezer and store cupboard in order for the winter.  Batteries for torches and radio. Oh yes and don't worry, there is PLENTY of food in the cupboard for Button too!


  1. Beautiful sunsets, I did read in the paper last week that they are predicting a harsh winter this year so very wise to get prepared.

  2. Glorious sunsets. Hope the winter isn't too harsh for you this year.

  3. wow, beautiful !
    I hope it will not become a harsh winter, i hate winter.
    It is certainly difficult than on an Island?
    You should be sure to be well preparerd.