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Friday, 29 January 2016

Stormy days.....

There's a "bit of a blow" going on at the moment.  Forecast to be 80mph by lunch time.  I may be gone some time!

However I have battery lanterns, torches and radio, a cast hob (hotplate), and hot water bottles to keep warm!  Button went out at midnight last night and I'm hoping she sleeps through the current "hoolie" until this evening when the wind drops.

Heavy rain, hail and sleet at the moment, and snow forecast.  Some water coming in over the kitchen window, but if that is the worse that happens we'll be fine!

Yesterday Button and I went for a walk along the shore.  It was definitely the calm before the storm!

This storm is called "Gertrude" (Met Office naming them this year!).  There used to be a Gertie living in my house, so I'm hoping this Gertie will be good to us!  This storm is the tail end of the one that hit the East coast of the US last weekend.  We don't expect so much snow though!

See you on the other side of the latest "bit o' wind"!


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    1. Thanks Jan! I really should know better than to get anxious. This house has stood over 160 years and will outsee me I'm sure! But it feels scary when the wind screams around the walls.