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Sunday, 31 January 2016

Frosty days...

These photos are from a few weeks ago.  Sorry I keep posting the same scenery but in Winter I don't tend to walk too far.  And anyway it's good to see the same scene in different weather/seasons. That's my story anyway. Haha!  Above, snowy/sleety clouds gather behind Hoy High lighthouse.

Geese are grazing in the field at the side of the house.  Snow on the Orphir hills across the water.

The chooks were eager for breakfast!

And later in the garden came running towards me. I was checking that the water in the barrel and dishes wasn't frozen (it was).  The hens and cats drink out of these as do the wild birds.  I wash them regularly, but frozen solid on this day!

It was a lovely day for a walk to the shore.  The moon was bright in the sky.  Love this photo, the natural light of the moon beside the man-made light, both guiding lights in their own way.

It was a frosty walk down to the old pier and the beach.

Button wasn't too keen on getting cold paws, but neither would she be left behind!

All was calm and peaceful

There's a natural "swimming pool" by the pier - didn't fancy a dip though!  Not even my toes!

Frost and snow above the strand line

Looking across to the old croft of Quoys....

The MV Graemsay sailing back to Stromness. It had called in at Graemsay for the cargo run earlier and then sailed on to Hoy.  This is it returning to harbour now.

All looks calm in Stromness

One of the small fishing boats sailing out of Stromness, closely followed by a flock of gulls.  I'm guessing it's dumping remains of fish.

This old bit of farm machinery is teetering on the brink!

And the seaweed is frosted

On the way back to the house, the sun has melted the frost on part of the roof, but part of it remains sparkling white!

And the hens, ever hopeful!

And the geese STILL grazing on the grass.

While Button watches....

And "Jack Frost" has been busy decorating the wheelbarrow wheel

But the frost didn't last long and it was back to wind and rain again.....


  1. Gorgeous pics, Sian. I always love seeing more of your little island and its setting. Incidentally with the awful weather I've hardly taken a photo since we arrived.

    1. I try and get out each day unless it is REALLY windy. Sometimes I feel like I'm in a Jane Austen novel by just taking "a turn around the garden". LOL!

  2. Great Pictures. I really like the scenery, and also enjoy the hens. Their feathers are quite beautiful. And of course I always like to see Buttons. I was wondering what the large building in the background in the picture of Stromness was.

    1. The large building is a private house, nicknamed "The Castle" but it's just a large modern house built on the side of the hill. Yes the chooks have the most beautiful feathers, some of them look like lace. Button is pleased she has a fan or two ;-)

  3. Lovely photos Sian. We have a cat like Button, he is called Ricco. A large black and white dinner jacket cat who was a stray. Took me a year to get him inside. Now he won't go out if it's cold .

    1. In the US they call them "Tuxedo kitties" :-) Personally I think she is a white cat wearing a full bat suit. LOL! She was a rescue cat but had clearly always been a domestic cat. She loves exploring outdoors but also loves being in a nice warm bed indoors. We have underfloor heating - heaven for a cat :-)

  4. Replies
    1. I do think folk will get fed up with photos of the same things one day. LOL!

  5. hi there, nice to see photos from Orkney, actually, I am one from Eday, one of the small Island in Orkney.

  6. Hi Mary! Thank you for dropping by to comment. Oooh Eday.... ashamed to say I have never visited Eday...yet!