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Saturday, 24 September 2016

Graemsay Concert Night

Last night Jean Leonard brought over some youngsters from a local Strathspey & Reel group to play a concert for us. We had it as a bit of a fundraiser for our wee hall, so all the Graemsay folk were there and a few from the Mainland came over too.  On a Friday there is a ferry back to Stromness at 9.45 so although it's a short evening it does mean we can have folk over and they can get home again on the same night.

Anyway back to the concert. They were brilliant!  There were 9 youngsters ranging in age from 14 to 18. Seven of the lasses were playing the fiddle while the two lads played accordion and/or piano. One lad (I'm hopeless with names I'm afraid to say) composed a tune for the accordion "A visit to Graemsay" just for the concert.

Jean is fantastic and for many many years has been nurturing and encouraging young talent in traditional music.  And this group certainly did her proud.  She told wee stories about them and their playing.  She missed her vocation - she should have been a comedian as well as a gifted musician.

I was blown away by their talent, all of them skilled in different ways.

We had laid on a supper, including home bakes (of course) and then afterwards there was some dancing.  The lads and lasses starting us off. Though they were a bit fast for most of us. We do the dances in slow motion these days. Hee hee!

Anyway here are a few pictures.  I did check they didn't mind being on the blog!  I promised no embarrassing photos.

Take your partners please! Not to be put off by the lack of men willing to dance, the ladies just dance together!

Meanwhile two boys are laughing at their older siblings having a go at dancing.  They will get their own back boys, never fear!

The visiting lasses showed the way.....

Others join in too.

One of the Graemsay lasses shows her dad a few steps.

Meanwhile a wee princess in sparkly shoes joins in.

Aforementioned Princess very proud to have completed the dance.

We raised quite a few pounds for the hall funds and had a brilliant night into the bargain.  We're hoping they all want to come back again!


  1. A funny evening at Graemsay ! The ferry company should be a little more flexible with the schedules, at least on weekends.

  2. Looks like great fun. A wonderful opportunity for the youngsters to be showcased and encouraged.

  3. It was a great night Sian and it was lovely to see the Graemsay folk again - albeit very briefly as we had to get back to the ferry. Thank you to everyone who made it possible. Carrie and Macxx