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Wednesday 21 September 2016

Late summer flowers.....

As ever, some things worked well in the garden this year and some not. A couple of unseasonal gales didn't help either. Though quite a few plants have rallied since and I have a second flowering of poppies.  So here are some photos from the garden.  Overall it's still very "bitty" and some of the borders need a bit of a rethink. However my aim was to be a haven for all insects (bees in particular) and that has certainly worked well! Lots of pollen available from early bulbs through to autumn flowering, and berries for the birds (ahem they probably nab a few insects too!).

Above some random sweet peas found their way into the wild flower mix which was a great success. Borage is in there too - a perennial that's been in the garden for many years.  This patch has been a favourite of the bees.  There was corn cockle in there too ......

Here's a new bed in the middle of the lawn. I covered it with plastic last winter aided by S who helps with the heavy work in the garden.  Then this summer I planted up with perennials.  The sea holly is my favourite. I have some elsewhere. Just love the texture and colour. Bulbs planted in spaces and more plants to go into it in Spring.

As I say, a few bulbs planted..... miniature narcissi (tete-a-tete). They do well in my garden as they are low enough to survive most wind without snapping off! Overall I planted about 150 spring bulbs.

Another view of the new bed.....

One of the hens came along to see if there was a chance for a spot of lunch... (there was).

Yes she looks moth-eaten. The hens are moulting. She's lost her tail! (Don't fret it will grow back soon!).

A pretty pale geranium. I love the hardy geraniums, and they come in so many lovely colours!

No idea what this is but it grows from a bulb and is very pretty!

There's lots of crocosmia in the garden. Love the colour, it reminds me of fire....

And rudbekia - such a happy plant...

And in this bed a solitary poppy (though more about to burst into flower).

I mentioned the poppy - it was buzzing as there is a bee deep within!

And on the subject of bees, here is another one! Can't remember the name of this plant but it is another of my favourites.

And now the photos you've all been waiting for....Madam Button....sigh.... it's being so cute that keeps her alive sometimes! She's taken to waking me during the night to announce she has brought in a late supper/early breakfast.  Sometimes I have to rescue and release said supper/breakfast.....I have become adept at catching very hoppy mice.... to Button's amusement....

The garden is just a few yards from the shore, so although I do get a bit despondent about progress it probably does pretty well given salt spray and sand being blown over it for 6 months of the year!


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    1. Thanks for the link to Emorsgate seed - will get some for next year. Delighted with the mixture. Um.... hope you have better luck next year?

  2. Replies
    1. Thank you. The garden itself is still a bit patchy, but individual plants are stunning!

  3. The purple spiky flower is liatrus (blazing star/gayfeather). There is a native variety here on the Canadian prairies. Nice garden/flower photos...


    1. Oooh thanks Jake. That's good to know. I love them as they are late summer flowering in my garden.

  4. I thought you had been away as there was no blog post for three weeks! Nice to see a flurry of posts again of your special corner. I have about three months in beetween posts and here is the latest Orkney even gets a mention.

    1. Loved the blog! And your stamina! I was about to start harumphing thinking you'd been to Orkney and not told me. LOL! Not quite. Maybe another day :-)