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Monday, 26 September 2016

Late summer on Graemsay

Space ship about to land on Sandside ;-) Beam me up Scotty!

Below, looking across Hoy Sound to Stromness from Graemsay.

A closer view of the harbour

Looking across to Hoy High, Sandside and the Orphir hills

The old croft of Quoynanapp

Another old croft above Western Horn

Across the green fields under a blue sky....

A field of sheep - Jacob and Zwartbles.....

Looking across the garden at Sandside to Stromness

Pecky hen strutting her stuff on the grass in front of Sandside

Look at that beady eye!  Definitely a hen on a mission for worms!

The weather is set to change this week but the last two weeks of glorious weather have set us up for Autumn that is for certain!


  1. Gorgeous photos! What a beautiful place.

  2. That stacked stone wall is amazing. We don't see things like that over here. And what lovely, green and blue views you have there. Wonderful.

  3. Morning Sian. You certainly sell your island, never tire of the photos. Esp like the views across to Stromness,I think I even feel a poem coming on! Thanks for your comment. We will visit Orkney one day and we will let you and the Tenses know first.

  4. I'm really enjoying your blog and your lovely pictures. I have two Eriskay ponies, who aren't Island bred, but I love pictures of all the Scottish Islands :D

  5. Thank you for the photos. As someone who has just found your blog (Via Solveig of thebadhipperspective) it helps to put you in context. Goodness, I thought I lived in the wilds of Scotland. Your island is beautiful. Freda from Dalamory