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Monday, 22 January 2018

From the doorstep

The main road on the island
Here are a few photos from Saturday....  The local council have been too busy with main roads on the Orkney Mainland to send over salt for the road so local folk just have to do the best we can going slowly on the roads.

Looking over a white out to Hoy

Blue skies

And big clouds

Sun shining on the Orphir hills as the snow comes in

The stray sheep are back, glad of shelter around the house.

And down at the shore work is being done on the island pier to prevent it rusting and disintegrating.  In freezing temperatures there is actually a diver underwater doing the work!!

And then there is sunset......


  1. SO beautiful! We had a wee bit of snow in the Hebrides when we were up at Christmas and it was lovely to see the hills and all the familiar views looking so different to normal! Down here though since one reasonable fall before Christmas it's all been nasty wet sleet - ugh!