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Tuesday, 23 January 2018

Snow pictures

Just catching up on photos taken this year.  As I said before we don't often get snow and this year we didn't get much of it but more than we've had for a few years!  It stayed around a while with temperatures around freezing for several days.  Our roads were icy as the local council didn't send out salt to be spread on them.  I stayed indoors most of the time as the snow and ice aren't particularly good for my breathing or my fragile bones.  But I did take a few pictures from the doorway and garden!  So here are a few.....

We had some very dramatic skies.....

Snowing over Stromness

More incoming snow...

Snow clouds over Hoy High

Most of the time I watched through the window....

And the garden, as I was feeding the wild birds daily....

The end of the driveway looking over to the Orphir hills.

The snow sticks to the stone.....

Bright and frosty outside. 

And the sun setting behind the Hoy hills....

Snowy Hoy Hills....

More snow heading our way!

Snow on the Stromness hills too.


  1. It is wonderful being able to take such photographs from one's doorstep. Reading of you daily feeding the wild birds, I thought of a friend in Milan I met in February 2003 when he and I were engaged with poets against war (PAW). He used to write at night. And often his emails ended with regards from him and Caruso, the blackbird that had just begun singing on his antenna.
    Last Saturday was my friend's birthday, and I wished him well and asked, if Caruso had already serenaded him.
    The answer: "I miss our blackbirds we can no longer be their friends, the condominium saw to that- you can’t feed wild birds!"
    The peace of the night.

  2. Beautiful photos, we didn't get a lot of snow either just enough to make it look wintery.

  3. No snow here at all, just rain and wind. But the honey bees are back and the snow drops are out.