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Saturday, 20 January 2018

We have snow!

Photo by Richard Thomas: Standing Stones
Well not a lot of snow compared to other countries and other climates.  But Orkney is in the Gulf Stream which means we have a very temperate climate and temperatures are mild in Winter. Most of the time we get gales and rain.  But for the last couple of weeks we have had icy conditions and some snow.  Just a smattering.....   While I catch up on sorting out my own photos for the blog I thought I'd share some with you taken by a friend, Richard Thomas (no relation) who lives outside Kirkwall and takes his trusty Labrador dog, JK for his  daily walk.

Photo by Richard Thomas: Snow over the hills

Houses among the snowy hills

Photo by Richard Thomas
The road into Kirkwall. The spire of St Magnus Cathedral to the right and Kirkwall Bay beyond.

Photo by /Richard Thomas: Kirkwall

Snow across the dyke (stone wall)...

Photo by Richard Thomas: Snowy scene
Trees at Happy Valley in Stenness.

Photo by Richard Thomas : Happy Valley

And a happy JK!

Photo by Richard Thomas : JK!


  1. Beautiful photos, we have had a sprinkling of snow too.

  2. Hello. Drifting in here like the snow, having been sent by Sean's Omnium blog. Nice things here. We planned to visit Orkney two summers ago (we live in Perthshire, but I have never got up beyond Thurso and Dunnet head thus far); but on attempting to book a hotel I discovered that Orkney seemed to be full. We will get there some day, hopefully. In the meantime I can drink Dark Island, and look at your photos.

  3. Beautiful scenes and a happy dog.

  4. Ha! A pleasure not only to see the photos of your namesake, but the comment of my dear friend Andrew.
    May the hotels of Stromness and Kirkwall be always almost full, except of the suite for Don QuiScottie and his Dulcinea. ;-)

  5. No fair that you live so far north of us and yet our winters here in Nova Scotia are far colder with lots of snow ... just sayin' ... lol