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Friday, 1 February 2019

"Snow on hills..."

I often hear weather forecasters saying there will be "Snow on hills" .... It was certainly true for Hoy this week!  Graemsay remained the green isle, while Hoy was under a (thin) blanket of snow. Here are some images from my trip out yesterday.

The valley between the hills....

Ward hill on Hoy.

The old croft of Dean with the Hoy Hills in the background....

And Moaness, Hoy

Meanwhile down at the pier two pairs of Fulmars where keeping a close watch on my as I dropped off my recycling!


  1. So how do you all recycle things on Graemsay? Never thought about that before. And waste collections? Beautiful photos as always

    1. We have a regular rubbish collection (black sacks) once a week which go in the catering size bins you see outside restaurants. They then get lifted onto our ferry, empties and returned. So far recycling on the island is voluntary - not so on other islands where it is compulsory. But as we have no roll on roll off ferry the recycling trucks can't get here. So we have bins down at the pier we can put our separated recycling into (tins, paper, glass) and they get emptied weekly. We can do most things - but it takes organisation! LOL!

  2. Your landscape is stunningly beautiful.

    I am impressed with the recycling regime too.