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Monday 15 April 2019

Around about.....

The last few days have been grey and chilly, but earlier in the week we had some lovely warm weather and it felt particularly Spring like.

Looking across Sandside Bay

There are lambs appearing in the fields now...

Catkins on the willows.....

Spring flowers in the garden.....


I forget what these are called but they are remarkably robust.... and close up when the sun is not on them....


And trusty old ride on mower is off for a Spring service and clean up at the farm.  Big John Deere and baby John Deere tractors!

Hens love the warmer days..... as does Button

After a wander about I left Button contemplating life....


  1. Guessing from your pictures your season is about 3 weeks plus behind us as most of the catkins and tulips have gone from around here. Interesting archaeological find in Kirkwall, and to see how the castle once looked.

    1. We usually reckon to be about 4 weeks behind most of England and Wales in terms of season. Sometimes more. Though once the days warm up and we get much more daylight things can catch up eg veggies.

  2. I do enjoy seeing pictures of your hens - Button, too.

    1. Ha I'm glad to hear that as they appear a lot in my blog ;-)