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Friday, 5 April 2019

Proper Spring day....

Well today IS a proper Spring day, warm sunshine, no wind or rain.  Though this week has had plenty of wind AND rain.  These photos were taken last Sunday when I went for a wander around the island.  It was lovely and sunny but a bit cool.  Above looking across Sandside Bay and beyond to the Orphir hills.

Looking over towards Hoy....

This hen from Windbreck was clearly on a mission!  Heading down to steal the sheep feed!

Ba Ba Black (and White) sheep! 

Lovely clear shallow water down at the Graemsay pier....

Lighthouse reflections....

Hoy High lighthouse from the shore side....

Home!  With Stromness in the background....

More sheep over the other side of the island...

A bit closer to home :-)

Oystercatcher down on the shore at Sandside.


  1. Beautiful. The weather has picked up a little here too.

  2. Replies
    1. Everything around here is just so beautiful.

  3. Pictures to open my heart - love also your commments so much (busy hen :-))))Greetings from Germany - longing for visiting "the North"
    (Skye was the most of north until now - love it so much...)

    1. Welcome! Thanks for commenting. Pleased you have found your way here :-)