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Sunday 29 September 2019

Autumn equinox

It was the Autumn equinox this week in the Northern hemisphere.  To be fair we had some fairly mild weather and not too windy, but we did get quite a bit of rain.  But around the equinox itself we had blue skies and sunshine.  So here are a few pictures as I drove around the island....  Above, looking over the fields at Ramray, towards the Hoy hills.

Below a dive boat over one of the WWII wrecks in Burra Sound. Hoy in the background.  Recreational diving is big in Orkney in the summer months with several dive boats sailing out of Stromness every day from about Easter through to October (and some a little earlier or later)

Hoy Hills, and the mouth of Burra Sound

A panorama looking East. Hoy hills on the right.... this is the old School road....

The old school building (disused as the children go over to Stromness to school now).

Looking towards the Old Manse, Hoy High lighthouse and Sandside. Orphir hills across the water on the Orkney Mainland.

Looking over to the lighthouse across Sandside Bay

A closer view...

The view over to Garson, and across the water to the outskirts of Stromness

And a day earlier.... NOT so sunny.... but a lovely calm day nonetheless.  Sandside bay...

A gorgeous glassy calm quiet sea....

A view across the old lighthouse pier to the old Manse and the Hoy Hills.

A carpet of seaweed and wonderful reflections....

Across the coral sand....

Stromness in the distance.....

And an around equinox sunset....


  1. All the pictures are amazing. What a beautiful place you have chosen to make your home.

    1. I know! I am so fortunate to have found this place...

  2. Your pictures always have a feeling of peace about them.

    1. Thank you! Most of the time the island is a peaceful place (except during a gale!)

  3. Beautiful blue skies. We've had loads of rain and there's more to come. I like celebrating the seasonal changes, something different to look forward to.

    1. Mmmmm Yes there has been far too much rain across the UK I think. We've had our fair share recently too.