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Monday, 18 May 2020

20 years ago this month......

Yup, it is the 20th anniversary of my arrival on Graemsay to live.  In some ways it doesn't seem that long and in others it feels longer.  I wrote about my decision to move to Graemsay on my blog a year or two ago and you can find Parts 1-6 here.

Nice to look back to the early days, and despite very strange times it is still a joy to be here....

I lived in this caravan from May through till the following January, and then moved to a more secure home on Hoy for the wild and windy months of winter.....

Tiger Lily the cow had her calf in the garden - well as you can see it was mostly field!

This was a particular low point for all sorts of reasons..... not least a gale that I was convinced would demolish what remained of the house....

Thankfully it all ended well.  Obviously.  And now this is very much "home".

Though sadly the seals don't haul out on the beach like they used to in May.....

But I do have this view Every. Single. Day so am VERY fortunate!

And I can't think of a safer place for me to "shield" from Covid-19.... Stay safe and well folks.


  1. Congratulations. That was surely a leap in the dark, to move there without having a permanent house?

  2. I just read through 1-6 of your 'saga'. You were brave indeed to take on all that... but apparently it was well worth it. So glad it turned out as it did. I do have one question, did you really take out ALL the fireplaces? I love a fire in winter here in Texas and I imagine you get some cold winters on that island.

  3. Happy anniversary! You obviously don’t regret it.

  4. Wow I can't believe that. I've been following you for years. You brighten my day up as I'm sure you do countless others. has gone live. Slightly different inflection this time, because we can't get up to the Highlands much of the content reflects the countryside of Lincolnshire. Warm wishes, Mark x.

  5. Congratulations! I also just finished up reading all six parts of the story of your moving to Orkney and settling into your house. Quite an accomplishment with a well-deserved reward!