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Friday, 15 May 2020

May on Graemsay.....

Yes, sorry, been a bit quiet.  Hopefully catch up with some blogging over next couple of days.  Meanwhile today was a lovely afternoon so some pictures around the island - still in lockdown in Scotland....

The pier looks so quiet these days, just two boats a day, one at 8.45 and one at 5.45. No cargo runs (though everything still comes over on those two sailings).  Only essential journeys on the ferry, key workers, hospital visits, vet visits, or shopping (we have no shop on the island).  All households are isolating and so not many folk about, though of course farmers still busy with lambing and calving.

Primroses spill over the banks in abundance

And along the banks too

Marsh marigolds in the ditches....

Looking over to Hoy from Scarratain - an old croft with a traditional turf roof.  Cattle in the field.

The old sail shed at the foot of Windbreck hill

Cattle in the field.  The round bales are silage - winter feed for the cattle and sheep

A wee lamb having lunch!

This ewe wanted to know what my business was and stood between me and her cute lamb!  The derelict building is Cott of School and is next to the old school.

The stories this wee house could tell!

The ewe and lamb have a pal....

And round at Sandside bay....

Small things bring joy in these strange times.  Hope you can stay safe and well....


  1. We have had good weather which has helped make the lockdown so much easier, do you still go over to Stornaway for shopping. Its around this time that we would have been in Scotland doing the N C 500 and probably caught the boat over from Scrabster.

    1. Yes good weather makes all the difference. And i'm so lucky to be able to go for a wander to the shore too. No I haven't ventured far from my house/garden for 7 weeks. I'm shielding. Most other folk are isolating so we are getting shopping sent over from some of the independent shops (no Tesco delivery on the isles, just Mainland Orkney). Maybe next year you can venture this far north! Who knows...sigh.