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Saturday, 16 May 2020

Early May randomness

I love May in Orkney. It begins to feel Spring like, though that can be deceptive!  And the sun peeps round the end of Graemsay to set in the sea.  There have been some lovely skies in May....

Some more dramatic than others!

The hens enjoy the longer days and a chance to get out and about rootling around.  They are never in lockdown - no predators on the island so they just get up and go to bed when they wish through their little hatch! Of course this means they also lay eggs everyone so every day can be like an Easter Egg hunt!

Off on a wander now.....

And this very blurry photo is sunRISE!  Taken about 3.30 one morning..... thanks to being woken by Madam Button.... yes the windows need cleaning...

Sandside at dusk....

And after the sun has set.......


  1. Lovely photos, lovely days. Worth waking up for though 3am is a tad early!

  2. I imagine that being there in May makes up for all the other times when life becomes difficult.

    Beautiful images, thank you.

  3. Such beauty, it is breathtaking.