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Saturday, 21 November 2020

A blustery day.....


These photos were taken last week, but again we are in the teeth of a gale.  50mph winds at least, with hail and sleet battering the windows at regular intervals.  Thankfully Button and I are indoors......

And while I am warm and cosy indoors, there is some drama going on further down Scapa Flow at Lyness Pier where a container ship, "Vega Scorpio", has broken her moorings in the gale.  Two of the council tugs (Odin and Einar) and the pilot boat (the John Rae) are in attendance trying to bring her alongside.  Hopefully "all hands" will be safe.

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  1. I always like 👍 your photos but I love the second one. Hope the cargo ship rescue went well!💖