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Friday 20 November 2020

A chat with a seal......


I had a lovely encounter with a Common (harbour) seal (actually less common than the Grey seals that are usually around Sandside).  S/he followed me up and down the sandy shore when I was walking there last week. S/he was quite inquisitive and came into quite shallow water to accompany me.  The seal was silent - but I chatted away quietly.  I was hopeful it was a Selkie of the legends, though I had no intention of following it into the very cold water!  Photos below were taken with a zoom lens...

I love the whiskers!!

And a few second video of a very small blob bouncing on the water - my companion! 


  1. What fun, such a nice encounter and so nice to see it in its natural habitat.

  2. Brightens the day when a seal follows along the beach. Great photos. Thanks!

    1. It certainly does! Glad you like the photos.