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Wednesday 25 August 2021

Around Sandside


Here are a few photos I took at the weekend after the silage had been removed from the field edge behind the house. 

A former home teetering on the edge of the shore now. That gable end would have shouldered the Westerly gales for a few hundred years....

The building on the right is already collapsing onto the shore

This part of the field is usually quite boggy and is, indeed, a pond in winter.  But with so little rain this summer it's as hard as rock!

Looking South across the field to Hoy

Looking North (ish) to Stenness

Stromness! The Hamnavoe ferry is in harbour.

Hoy High light....

The lighthouse and surrounding buildings

Elegant chimney!

Looking Eastwards....

Across the water to Orphir and the arctic explorer, John Rae's former home

Across the water to the croft of Quoys

Hope you enjoyed the wander....


  1. Light houses are always a fascination for me and when they were manned there was the schoolboy attraction of being a lighthouse keeper. The dream of being on a rock, pounded by the seas, yet safe and secure behind those massive stone walls.

    1. Absolutely. I love lighthouses too. There has been a series I haven't watched any of the series yet but have recorded the Channel 5 series: