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Monday 17 January 2022

A ride round Graemsay (4)


A view through the handlebars, the road down to the Graemsay kirk, with the Hoy Hills in the background.

And over the hill and down towards the Kirk.  Burra Sound and the Hoy Hills over the other side.

The old croft houses of Veval.  The hill on the horizon is on the Orkney Mainland, the parish of Orphir.  On the other side of the hill and down towards the shore is Houton where the ferry docks to go to Lyness and Longhope on Hoy. (Bet it's windy on top of that hill!)

Veval.  A number of the old small crofts were subsumed into larger holdings to make them more viable for modern farming needs.  Mostly sheep grazing all year round, with cattle out in the summer.  Some fields used for silage for livestock feed.

The croft of Gorn, which was recently sold.  In the distance the small island of Cava and the tiny island called the Calf of Cava. And beyond that is the island of Flotta.

And coming back over the hill now to the North side, and looking over to Stromness

And down the hill to our Community Hall.  Home to many a party night - pre-covid.....


  1. I get the feeling that you are thoroughly this trike?

  2. What a beautiful town - love you Community Hall - hopefully post Covid will be coming soon and all the halls be used again! HUGS

  3. I would live to visit and see those sights for myself. Wonderful scenery