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Saturday 22 January 2022

A ride round Graemsay (Part 5)


The last of the ride round Graemsay - well in order anyway. There will be more random photos, and when the weather improves, another ride round Graemsay!  Weather - yeah well typically January, windy, grey skies etc.  Not conducive to pootling about on the e-bike.

Above, a lonely bothy on Graemsay, with the hills of Hoy in the background. 

Looking East to Hoy hills, across the group of buildings known as Clett.

And Shags drying their wings and preening on the rocks below Clett.

Along the South shore....

The old croft of Moan, looking across the water to Orphir.

Across Windbreck to the hills of Hoy

And freewheeling down the hill home!

I did manage to stop at the bottom of the hill - but then went on for another lap....

Hope you enjoyed the ride round Graemsay.  I'm hoping to buy my own trike soon.  Slight logistical problem finding one that will fit through a shed door that isn't a standard size..... but there will be a way!


  1. The lonely bothy and roofless croft look to be just waiting for someone to purchase and restore them and make them homes again. I would be tempted, were they not quite so remote. I am considering looking for a small stone ruin to restore and occupy in my dottage, but perhaps somewhere in Argyll is more likely than Graemsay, but it must most definitely be overlooking the sea.

    1. Oooh I wish you well with your new adventure. I absolutely love looking out over the sea.

  2. Inspiring stuff Sian!

  3. Nice to catch up with the ride-a-round... always a wonderful set of images, but what they probably don't show is the strength of the wind :-)

    1. Hmmm now.... because there are few trees it's hard to show the strength of the wind. And the Hoy Sound is relatively sheltered so doesn't show a boiling sea so much. But since the beginning of January there have been few days where it has been below about 23 miles and hour and in the gales it's topped 70.