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Monday, 13 June 2022

A tour around the island......


I took a ride round the island on my trike last week when we had some lovely warm days and proper sunshine!  Photo above, cows and calves enjoying the warm sunshine in a field above Hoy High lighthouse.  Stromness in the background.  The white patches in front of the cattle are daisies in the field.

Old croft of Moan down by the pier....

Lichen hugging a fence post....

Two cheeky lambs, probably up to no good!

The rest of the flock.  Hoy hills in the background

Moan from the top of the hill

Down hill all the way home!

Freewheeling!  Hamnavoe ferry heading into Stromness harbour.

Closer view of those cows and calves...

Round the West of the island, looking over to Hoy

Heading East again, looking towards Hoy High lighthouse, Sandside and across the water the hills of Orphir

The old quarry

Sandside Bay


Button not best pleased I wasn't there to open the door for her (she has a cat flap round the back of the house but why use it when you have a human to open doors for you... or not...)

Chickens having a rootle!  

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