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Wednesday 8 June 2022

Garden in June


The growing season in Orkney is about a month behind further South in the UK.  However as the days extend to almost no darkness at all everything begins growing very rapidly!  You can almost SEE the plants growing.  

I gave up on vegetables etc a couple of years ago.  It's too much work for me now. But I delight in the flowers in the garden.  And there are some fruit bushes too - gooseberries and blackcurrants!

Anyway here are some photos of flowers in June in my walled garden on Graemsay!  The old barn in the photo above is a lovely backdrop to the garden.  Sadly in disrepari now, but in the 1970s there were barn dances in the upstairs loft of this building!!  The stuff of legend from what I hear.

Thalictrum starting to flower....

Perennial cornflowers, red campion, yellow welsh poppies and a pink plant I call a bottle brush plant! Greenery provided by lovage, weigelia, rowan trees and grasses.

Lupins chives, hardy geraniums, astrantia and fennel

Aquilegia/columbine/granny's bonnet.  To my delight these self seed!

Orange Welsh poppies

Rowan - a lovely fragrance

Perennial cornflowers - loved by bees

Hardy geranium

Wild garlic (bit of a thug but that's fine in this part of the garden - it outcompetes even the docks and nettles!)

Globe flowers, yellow Welsh poppies and perennial cornflowers

Bachelor's buttons, perennial cornflowers, aquilegia, alliums...

I love these purple alliums 

Aquilegia and that pink bottle brush plant!

Hope you enjoyed the photos.  It cheers me up looking back on these posts in the depths of Winter!

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