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Sunday 16 October 2022

Around about....


Inganess Bay

Some random photos from recent weeks out and about around Orkney.  The first four are of Inganess Bay, just outside Kirkwall.  The wreck is of a ship called the Juniata, which was used as a blockship in Scapa Flow during WWII.

And these photos are around and about South Ronaldsay, isles linked by the Churchill Barriers.

Windwick Bay

And these are around South Ronaldsay in general....

And watch this space as I hope to have news soon of a soon-to-be new home in rural Orkney Mainland....  fingers crossed!


  1. Lovely pix. I will watch this space to see yours and Button's new home.

  2. You might not even have to change the title, I mean, the mainland is still a small island isn't it?

    1. All being well I might be able to call it "Life on an isthmus".... ;-)

  3. (mmm..just looking at a map, Graemsay is a very small island indeed)