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Tuesday, 22 March 2011

Hazy Spring Day

After the gale of yesterday when the wind howled around the house, today hazy sunshine has shone, and calm has been restored. Above is the Hoy High Lighthouse and Sandside Bay, with the Orphir hills in the background.  Graemsay is getting green again....

The hens (and Cockerel) were out as usual today, rootling around looking for juicy worms and bugs. I have 10 hens and the cockerel - some are just regular brown layers, some light sussex (including the cockerel) and some with very pretty feathers but I have no idea what they are!  I just love hearing them chook-chooking around the place!


  1. Hi Sian,

    You live in a beautiful place... We've always been fascinated by islands, but have ended up living in Cornwall - though one day, hope to be somewhere more remote!

    We're enjoying your blog & find your life there very inspiring.


    Kay & Simon

  2. I used to keep hens and could watch them for ages. Very restful.