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Saturday, 19 March 2011


Still snow on the neighbouring island of Hoy!  Only on the hills though.  Otherwise weather is just grey and cool, but at least no wind for now. 

However the days are getting longer - sunrise at 6.18am and sunset at 6.23 pm.  Soon the clocks change for British Summer time too so it will be lighter even later!

I'm longing to move back into the conservatory (my sitting room for the summer) but as the weather is kind of cool at the moment I'm delaying the move.  Heating oil was 62p a litre last time I checked so I don't want to waste fuel heating the space when the sitting room in the main house is perfectly adequate.  But I so love the view from the conservatory - so for now it's pulling on another sweater to sit out there for a while!

The birds seem to have found their voice again - last night the air is filled with the sound of oyster-catchers and lapwings.  I just LOVE this time of year!

Below is Ward Hill on the island of Hoy with the fluffy willow buds in the foreground. Above the snow covered hills on Hoy and the green island of Graemsay in the foreground!


  1. Spring is late in the hills of Mid-Wales too. It's only now I'm seeing the first daffodils and primroses starting to open.

    My sister used to live on Sanday, so I follow your blog with great interest.

  2. Hi Perpetua - thanks for dropping by. I look forward to following your blog too (we have the same taste in blog design!). Yes Spring is slow for us compared to the balmy "South".

  3. When I started blogging very recently, I hadn't a clue where to begin, so went for the easiest format I could find :-) I like simple and uncluttered, so am happy with it now.

  4. Your enthusiasm is catching. Come on spring!

  5. I just discovered your blog because a google search turned up one of the images of Hoy mountains with snow, which I thought was from the SOUTHERN hemisphere way down, rather than the Northern - but fine. I look forward to enjoying your posts - your life with the cats and hens and clean air - and internet - sounds interesting.

    1. How bizarre and wonderful that you ended up here! Welcome to Graemsay - I do hope you pop by again :-)