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Friday, 4 March 2011

New Fencing.....

I own a few acres behind the house leading down to the shore. The fence is old, rusted wire and no longer stock-proof so this year's project is to get it renewed.  The land is used for summer grazing by a neighbouring farmer and I love having the cows and calves in there in the summer. However cows are born Houdini so the fence needs to be secure.

So above is a photo of the magic drilling machine which drills down into the ground for the post holes.  Saves hours of back-breaking work digging (um no it wouldn't have been me doing it anyway!!). You can probably just see that the new fencing posts are being brought in a little further than the old fence - this is due to coastal erosion. It's over 20 years since the field was last fenced but slowly the land disappears - I'm hoping this new fence lasts 30 years or so. I'll be past caring by then!

Below is a photo of..... a hole!  I was hopeful of treasure but none came to light. The holes are covered with flags at the moment until the next phase of work begins.


  1. Hi Sian! A new big project! You are fantastic with all this constructions in a little Island just living by yourself.
    What I wonder that all those equipment can be just be there like it was in a busy commercial neighborhood.
    My admiration as usual. Good luck wish you:
    blue bird/aka Julia

  2. Hi BlueBird - well I have people doing all the labour for me! But yes all the equipment must come over on our wee ferry, lifted on and off so it does restrict what we can have on the island. But it will be good to see livestock in the field again this summer (not mine either but I do like seeing cows & calves out the window!).

  3. Ah, you have given me a good chortle, Sian! A photo of a hole - so basic that it's somehow very entertaining! A bit Pythonesque, perhaps. Thank you for that. :)

    I like your technical terms, too. They are very similar to my own farming vocabulary, funnily enough: anything much beyond a combine, muck-spreader or seed-drill is just a 'thingmy', as in a hole-basher thingmy, for example. Still, as long as it does the job, I suppose it doesn't matter what it's called.

  4. Dancer - I have to say I got very Samuel Beckett about the holes!