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Sunday, 20 March 2011

Almost the Spring Equinox.....

Last night the moon and moonlight were fantastic! Sorry no photos - but I lay in bed at 3am just marvelling at the moonlight across the bedroom floor. Eventually got up and sat on windowsill wrapped in a fleece and gazed at the moon.  It's supposed to be the closest to the Earth it's been in 20 years. Not sure it looked any bigger to me but it WAS magnificant.  I've always been a "moon-child". The light reflected on the waves gently lapping the shore just below the house. I could just make out the swish-swish of the waves as they broke on the shore... magical.

However the day dawned grey and breezy which was a disappointment! But I have managed to get out to do a little bit of gardening - just tidying up and planning really, but lovely to be outdoors.

The "daffs" (daffodils) are in bloom now, and my new hens have started laying peedie (small) eggs!

And lots of fluffy buds on the willow trees - I love glimpsing the Hoy hills through the trees (OK so they're only 6 ft high - but they're still trees!).


  1. How lovely that you had moonlight and daffodils! We were in the Borders last night, where it was too cloudy to see the moon. They have the first daffs in bloom down there but ours are yet to come. They are so nearly out...high time actually, I hadn't even noticed that we have arrived at the equinox already.

    I love willow catkins -another thing we don't have here. Your trees are lovely. Size isn't everything! :)

  2. I can sense your joy at the newborn spring!

  3. How could anyone see that glorious yellow and not know it was springtime!

  4. It was a perfectly clear night over here for moon gazing. I only wish i hadn't been sidetracked and gotten out earlier to get photos of it when it was closer to the water.

  5. Lovely photos. I too missed the moon last night, though it was very bright the night before. Glad your daffs are out now. So are ours at last and even the first primroses in the hedgerows and garden. It's been a long winter.

  6. Dancing Beastie - There was another lovely moonlit night to follow too - then we had The Gale - sigh....

    Bev - ooh yes I'm doing a happy dance

    Mary - I know - gorgeous isn't it!

    Violet sky - I love seeing moonlight reflected in water!

    Perpetua - you've had a worse winter than we have I think. Usually winters in Orkney are wet and windy, though we had our fair share of snow. But normally temperatures are about that of the South of England average in winter. Summers of course are much cooler! I must go hunting primroses!