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Thursday, 31 March 2011

Cargo run

Each Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday we have a "cargo run" to the island from Stromness.  This week was busy with about 30 ton of scalpings arriving. The Community Council purchased the scalpings (a by product from a local quarry) and shipped them to the Graemsay for local householders to buy and use to repair their private roads to their crofts and houses. We have about 3 miles or so of public road maintained by the Orkney Islands Council and several miles of private road, which are maintained by each landowner. Some trips to the pier can be quite bumpy!!

As well as delivering these large bags, the ferry also took away our rubbish container - each householder can put their rubbish in black plastic sacks into this container.  It's then taken away for landfill.  Sadly we have no recycling on Graemsay, despite the community wanting to have such a facility.  But cost and logistics seem to defeat any of our suggestions.  Although other islands in Orkney have active recycling facilities, because our island has so few folk and we have a lift-on-lift-off ferry, the same system doesn't work for us.

As well as delivering such material as scalpings, farm feed etc the ferry will also bring over boxes of groceries and other household supplies which we can order from the town.  It's a great system which means I need never run out of milk, or more importantly, chocolate!


  1. This sounds very familiar, Sian :-)

    My husband managed to get a load of scalpings (in this case scraped-off tarmac) for our track, when the council was resurfacing the lane down to the village last year. It's nearly forty years since our tack was surfaced and it is bumpy beyond belief in places.

    It must be frustrating not to be able to recycle, as we're all so conditioned no to do so.

    You give a lovely glimpse into island life and I really do enjoy it. We'e heading north ourselves soon and I can't wait....

  2. Thank you for letting me into your way of life on a small island. I really enjoy reading your stories. Keep writing, Sandra

  3. Perpetua - are you coming anywhere near Orkney? Do let me know if you are! Regarding recycling - I get shouted at by my friends when I visit because I'm not used to sorting things into different bins ;-)

    Cuttingwood cottage - What a lovely name! I'm glad you enjoy "visiting" - do drop by again :-)

  4. Somewhat weirdly, I have developed through life to now not have a sweet tooth at all. However I have a full understanding of the need (that I no longer have) for chocolate. I do have two decently sized blocks of 70% coco solids dark chocie just for cooking lurking here, and they will continue to lurk for some time.

    Sending much care and many huggles to you, dear Sian, with respectful and hopeful light strokes and rubbing under the chin for your Madam Button, xxxxxx

  5. I've just come across your blog and am fascinated by your life. It sounds wonderful... I think. Mind you, living in a city, I may have a romanticised idea of living on such a small island. I look forward to returning to find out more.

  6. your blog gave me insipiration. so i started one of my own:)eventhough english is not so easy for me,