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Monday, 9 May 2011

I know...

....I said I'd be back posting soon but I've just been running to catch up all this last week. I'm busy working 5 days a week - all from home I know but still I have to put in the hours! Unfortunately I don't seem to be one of those people who can manage on little sleep either...... so... enough excuses.

Above is a Spring sunset (another one!). The sun is really moving towards the Orkney Mainland now so sets full in the middle of the Hoy Sound each night.  We've had some lovely sunny evenings, though still a chill in the air and a few misty days too.

The primroses are blooming. This year we have a glorious display on the bank down at the pier as well as along the verges of the road. I love seeing the primroses - they are such cheerful flowers!

The house martins have been prospecting in the byres near the house looking for good nesting sites. The starlings and sparrows have already been busy building their nests. Spring is well and truly here! AND I've cut the grass around the house and in the walled garden TWICE in the last week - it's growing so quickly. Thank goodness for my trusty John Deere ride-on-mower!


  1. It's lovely to see those photos. Primroses are such a cheerful flower - all of ours are just about over now and the lanes are full of bluebells, stichwort, red campion and vetch. For a few days it has felt like summer - now we are back to the rain (which is actually more like summer!)

  2. When I lived in a cooler climate the primroses were the fore-runners of the warmer days. I miss the 'woodland' flowers now; your photo brought back happy memories.

  3. Lovely photos, Sian and no need to apologise - you have a job to do and that comes first. Back in Wales our primroses are over, but it's lovely to see the flowers Curate's Wife mentions and also my personal harbinger of summer - cow parsley.

  4. Thecurateswife - I know I just love all the wild flowers that are out at the moment. And yes the sun is here but it's also very windy......

    Shirlwin - Glad to bring back memories!