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Saturday, 21 May 2011

On A Very Blustery Day....

...the only thing to do is sit in the sun and wait for it to pass......

Though that doesn't stop Button(s) demanding that *I* make it stop.......

Dear Button(s) was on her best behaviour earlier this week when P&H from Germany paid her a visit. I didn't tell her that they were actually on the island visiting Squeak....... she would have been so affronted she wouldn't have spoken to me for days! I enjoyed meeting P&H who are big fans of the aforementioned Squeak - and not surprisingly as she IS adorable (No Button not as adorable as you dear....sigh..... cats can be SO temperamental!).

Um..... I came home from my trip "south" to see find this sticker on my door.

It has been suggested (by a non-cat person of course) that it should be the other way round....... "A normal Cat and a person lives here"......


  1. Hey, I love your cat! She reminds me another cat I had the pleasure to meet in Ireland, but it was a male! I have been to Orkney Islands 13 years ago and I loved it! Great scenery!

  2. Welcome to Graemsay! I'll pass your comments on Button - she will purr loudly or more likely, look disdainful ;-) Glad you loved Orkney.

  3. Hi Sian! I am sorry to appear as Anonymous but I don't know how all this works. My name is Silvia and I am Italian. I am a great fan of Irish and Scottish landscapes! Will often have a look at your blog, I like your stories as they remind me stories I heard when I was living in Ireland! Say hi to Button! Ciao!

  4. Hi Silvia - Glad you enjoy the stories. Thanks for your comments - don't worry about signing in as "anonymous" - I'm not sure how it all works either! But do sign your name on your comment so I know it's you :-) Where in Italy are you?