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Wednesday, 25 May 2011

Volcanic ash episode...

Above is the sunset last night - mostly due to storm clouds, but it does look like the Orkney West Mainland had a volcanic explosion too!

Below - volcanic dust all over my door.  I feel like emailing this to the had of Ryanair who was on the news last night saying he didn't believe there *was* a volcanic ash cloud over Scottish air space and he wanted to fly his planes.... 

And then this is my car

And during the storm this amazing footage was taken by the Shetland coastguard of the brave boys on the Kirkwall lifeboat rescuing a yacht in distress during storm force winds off the Faroe Islands.  When the helicopter returned to base it was taken out of service to be cleaned out having potentially flow through volcanic ash.......

Video of rescue by Kirkwall Lifeboat


  1. It's all happening, isn't it?! Though you get the worst of it in the northern isles. We haven't the ash, at least - you'll be needing some rain now to wash that lot off! Hope your new tree plantation has weathered the storm all right.

    Three cheers for the fearless lads and lasses of the RNLI. I felt seasick just watching the video! My mum is off on a cruise to St.Kilda, Orkney and Shetland this week - yes, she has packed the extra strong seasickness pills...

  2. Well done the RNLI. Sorry about the ash you will have to wash the car.

  3. Dancing Beastie - it's been raining all day - light drizzle. That should clean things up nicely! Haven't been to seen my newly planted trees....sigh.... I do fear for them being so close to the shore etc.

    Hope your mum enjoys her cruise! Hope she enjoys it and the extra strong seasickness pills do the job! Also hoping for calm waters for her!

    Walrus21 - Yes where would we be without the brave folk of the RNLI! - as you can see in my comment above - it's raining all day so no need to wash the car :-)

  4. Just catching up with your blog after a week away. I feel sick just watching the video and so admire the lifeboat crews and their work.

    Oh yes, the volcanic ash existed. I was in Italy with our daughter last weekend and at one point it seemed likely our return would be delayed, until the wind changed direction and blew the ash over northern Europe instead.

  5. Perpetua -oooh Italy, how lovely. I bet you had lovely warm temperatures there too... Glad you got home safely. Despite living on an island I'm not that good a "sailor" - I choose to stay at home when it's rough so I really do admire the lifeboat crews the world over!