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Sunday, 22 May 2011

Still catching up....

A couple of weeks ago it was a friend's 60th birthday party. I said I'd organise a cake and asked my neighbour Sandra at the Lighthouse if she'd bake one of her magnificent cakes. I asked for the theme to be a camper van as my friend wants to drive off into the sunset in a wee camper van in her retirement. The result was brilliant.

Note the dry stone dyke behind - it seems the skills learned at our dry stane dyking course last year were put to good use!!  It was a shame to cut into the cake but it did taste delicious..... The cakes are to a professional standard but Sandra just does it as a hobby for friends. All of the cake was edible - even the gravel!

I had the challenge of then getting the cake across to the Orkney Mainland. Fortunately all went well, though the van did have a bit of a dent in it by the time I'd unpacked it and a flat tyre!  All added to the character :-)

Another friend had made sushi - I'm just amazed at the time and effort people can put into food! This too was delicious - so I'm told - I don't eat sushi, but it did look very good!


  1. that's an amazing cake! happy 60th and retirement to your friend

  2. All of the cake was edible - even the "gravel"!

  3. This looks great! You are very talented!

  4. An Essex Cake Lover - someone after my own heart! Hasten to add I didn't make the cake - it was made by my neighbour Sandra. My cake making skills fall well short of THAT achievement!